Architectural Organisations

A+ Architecture in Belgium -

A+ Architecture in Belgium is interested in the cultural aspect of architecture. Through its bimonthly magazine, website, lectures and exhibitions it aims to become an authority in Flemish and Belgian architecture and urban planning.

Archipel -

Archipel is a Flemish architectural association and an open cultural association for anyone who takes an interest in modern-day architecture. So not just architects, but other practitioners (urban planners, interior architects, landscape architects, designers, culture historians, critics, mechanical and structural engineers, contractors, suppliers, etc.) and laypersons interested the cultural aspect of architecture.
Archipel aims to inspire cultural reflection on architecture in professional communities and attempts to create a more mature architectural climate in Flanders by setting up a range of initiatives for a wider audience.

Architectuurwijzer -

Architecture Pointer (AW)°is an architectural organisation with a cultural outlook. Although rooted in Limburg, it looks far beyond the borders of the province – to Flanders, the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, Europe, the world. AW addresses the general public and the professional and unites them around topical issues.


AR-TUR is a centre for architecture, urban planning and landscape in the Campine area. The organisation uses cultural programmes to engage residents, professionals and social actors with the notion of spatial quality.

CIVA Stichting -

The CIVA Foundation, a Brussels-Capital Region initiative, was set up in 2016 and combines the resources, knowledge and know-how of various cultural actors in Brussels, who share their experience of architecture, urban development, landscapes and ecosystem studies. The CIVA Foundation project aims to create a rural and urban architectural culture which is in touch with the present-day challenges and is narrowly focused on Brussels.

Planopli -

Planopli arranges customised architectural excursions for architectural practices, universities, architectural organisations, groups with an interest in art or architecture, etc.

Stad en architectuur -

City and Architecture NPO is a Leuven-based association that promotes architecture across Belgium by arranging debates, lectures and exhibitions. It has been working in collaboration with Museum M and the STUK Arts Centre in Leuven since 2009. City and Architecture aims to induce a stimulating architectural climate by getting architecture viewed, experienced and discussed. Along the way it encourages a wide audience to create the highest possible level of social engagement.

Team Vlaams Bouwmeester -

The website run by the Flemish City Architect Team offers a view of the Team's broad range of activities and permits digital access to the Open Oproep (Open Call) archives. The site also gives information on the instruments available to the City Architect, the design research undertaken and the events held in the City Architect Workshop.

Flanders Architecture Institute -

The FAi is the representative institute of the Flemish architectural industry. It raises public awareness of the need for a well-designed habitat, stimulates social debate on the subject of buildings/city environments and disseminates knowledge about architecture.

The Flemish Architecture Institute is the main point of contact for information on architectural developments - past, present and future - in Flanders and Brussels. It provides a platform for anyone who wants to help advance the field of architecture. It organises exhibitions, lectures, debates, publications and events such as the biannual Flemish Architectural Review and the Festival of Architecture. The institute also represents Flanders at international events such as the Venice Biennale of Architecture and belongs to a worldwide network of institutions of architecture.

Since 1 January 2018 the Flemish Architecture Institute has been responsible for an extraordinarily rich collection of architectural archives, which continues to grow. The collection allows the FAi to bridge the gap between the architecture of the present day and that of the past and future. The FAi also plays an active part in the preservation of design heritage. It identifies and gives advice on design items and disseminates this information to a wide audience through publications and exhibitions.