Associations of Architects

Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen -

The Flanders Architects' Network (NAV) has become Flanders' largest and most important organisation for architects. It aims to pool resources and so strengthen the power base of the architecture sector. Not only does it represent and promote the profession in general, but it also offers a wide variety of services and training courses, and it supports architects in everyday practice.

Federatie van de architectenverenigingen van België -

The Federation of Belgian Architecture Associations unites and represents Belgian architects from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels at the federal and international levels. The FAB prioritises the professional interests of architects and the promotion of quality architecture and sees them as inseparable. Its members are: for Flanders - BVA: for Wallonia - UWA: and for Brussels - AriB.

Beroepsvereniging voor architecten -

The Professional Association of Architects supports and unites architects who see architecture as an important precursor for a sustainable society. This is based on concern over the quality of architecture and an appreciation of the architect's changing role in the construction process.

Union Wallonne des Architectes -

The Walloon Union of Architects was set up to represent and promote architects and architecture in Wallonia.

Architects in Brussels -

Like the BVA (Professional Association of Architects) and the UWA (Walloon Union of Architects) - their Flemish and Walloon counterparts - a number of professional associations in the Brussels-Capital region have joined forces to bring the AriB into being (Architects in Brussels). AriB's members consciously adopted an open, multicultural and multilingual association: it was originally conceived as a portal for all architects in practice in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Architecten - Bouwers -

The main aim of Architects-Builders is to offer quality architecture for the client by guaranteeing the budget and construction term through an insurance contract. Under the Architects-Builders package the contract with the architect contains an added clause: the client appoints the architect as his substitute. In other words, the architect steers the project to a successful conclusion.

G30 -

Developments in the architectural profession as well as the economics and legalities of Belgian architectural practice induced a number of architectural firms to set up a new association, which they called G30. The G30 architects' association aims to unite and represent accredited architectural practices in Belgium with a view to promoting and improving professional practice at the federal and European levels.