International organisations

The Order of Architects is a member of two international organisations: the ACE (Architects’ Council Europe) and the ENACA (European Network of Architects’ Competent Authorities).


The ACE (Architects’ Council Europe) represents the architectural profession in Europe. The organisation is in close contact with the European Union and lobbies in its members interests. One of the core tasks of the ACE is to follow EU developments closely. The ACE seeks to anticipate elements of political policy or EU legislation that are likely to impact on architectural practice or the quality and sustainability of our living environment.

The ACE's activities are arranged into themes, each of which is divided into working groups. The Order of Architects monitors the following themes:

  • Access to the Profession
  • Practice of the Profession

The ENACA (European Network of Architects’ Competent Authorities) was founded in 2007 as the official authority to set up an exchange network for information on access to the profession in a number of European countries. ENACA members include countries with an Order, Register or Chamber to regulate architect registration, as well as countries that do not yet have such a system but would like to know more about those already in existence.

ENACA meets three times a year and counts among its members roughly half of the authorities with competency for architecture in Europe.

Subjects covered in the meetings:

  • amendment of the Professional Qualifications Directive and its introduction to the European countries,
  • Europe strongly encourages students to do their practical training abroad. What are the practicalities? How is the practical training to be supervised? How are employment mentors to be supervised?,
  • introduction of the European Professional Card in the shape of an electronic certificate to speed up and simplify the exchange of architectural services in the European Union.