Professional Organisations


Bouwunie -

Bouwunie is the industry organisation for 8,000 construction companies. Besides lobbying in the general interests of construction and construction-related professions, Bouwunie prioritises the provision of services for self-employed contractors and SMEs in these industries.

Confederatie Bouw -

The Confederatie Bouw represents the interests of more than 15,000 contractors in the construction, energy and environment industries. It argues the position of these industries in matters involving the government, policymakers and construction partners. The Confederatie is made up of 3 regional confederations (the Flemish Confederatie Bouw, the Brussels-Capital Confederatie Bouw and the Walloon Confédération Construction), 18 professional federations and 21 local confederations.

Bureau for Standardisation -

The Bureau for Standardisation (NBN) is a public body under the Federal Public Service for Economy. The main task of the NBN is to develop, approve and publish product and service standards. These standards take the views and interests of Belgian business and industry into consideration.

Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction -

The BUtgb is the only Belgian approval-granting institution to give technical approvals of construction materials, products, systems and installers.

Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN)/ European Committee for Standardization -

The CEN was set up in 1961 by the national standardisation bodies of the European Economic Community and EFTA countries. Today the CEN works towards the objectives of the European Union through voluntary technical standardisation, to help bring about free trade, employee and consumer safety, network interconnectivity, environmental protection, research and development programmes, etc.

Constructiv -

Constructiv is a provider of services in and for the construction industry. It aims to help talented people break through to the industry and forge lifelong careers. This means an attractive package of social benefits, skilled work and safe working conditions on construction sites.

Grondbank -

De Grondbank vzw was set up in 2002 to support actors in the earth moving industry. Alongside its traditional tasks of soil management reporting, etc, Grondbank delivers solutions for practical earth moving problems.

Infosteel -

Infosteel focuses on the promotion of good practice in the use of steel in the construction industry. As a membership organisation Infosteel has an extensive network of more than 600 members across the structural steelwork supply chain.


SECO leads the Belgian market for construction site inspections and operates in the quality certification and environmental protection industries. SECO operates independently in the interests of the client, designers and contractors. It works in close collaboration with the BCCA - Belgian Construction Certification Association.

Wetenschappelijk en Technisch Centrum voor het Bouwbedrijf -

The Science and Technical Centre for the Construction Industry was founded in 1959, and with 84,000 members it is the country's largest collective industry research centre. Through research, innovation, development and information dissemination the WTCB is directly involved in making quality and productivity improvements in the construction industry.


Nederlandstalig College van Deskundigen Architecten van België -

The Dutch-speaking College of Expert Architects in Belgium arranges training and further training courses for architects on private and forensic expert investigation practices. Find out more about its role from the website.

Associatie van Belgische Experten -

The purpose of the Association of Belgian Experts is to inform clients (the general public, magistrates, legal practitioners, etc.) about the organisation and its aims and about the activities and special services provided by its expert members.

Associatie van Interieurarchitecten van België -

The Belgian Association of Interior Architects is not restricted to professionals but open to anyone with an interest in interior architecture. It provides information about the professional organisation, interior architecture, the association's members, schools of interior architecture, etc.

Belgisch Instituut van Veiligheids- en gezondheidscoördinatoren -

The Belgian Institute of Health and Safety Coordinators unites health and safety coordination professionals who operate on temporary or mobile construction sites.

Belgische Vereniging van Tuin- en Landschapsarchitecten -

The Belgian Association of Garden and Landscape Architects brings garden and landscape architects together to represent the interests of the field and the profession and to promote dialogue and information exchange.

Organisatie van de advies- en ingenieurssector -

The Organisation of the Consultancy and Engineering Industry was set up in 1992 as the Organisation of Consultant Engineers, Engineering and Consultancies. This not-for-profit organisation has become the industry's prominent advisory and engineering consultancy in Belgium. On behalf of its members the ORI lobbies on platforms and networks at the federal, regional and local levels, including the VBO and Voka. It also maintains in international presence.

Vlaamse beroepsvereniging voor veiligheidscoördinatoren -

The Flemish Professional Association for Safety Coordinators represents the shared interests of health and safety coordinators.

ie-net ingenieursvereniging -

The ie-net Engineers Association is the point of contact between engineers, business organisation and government and training institutions. The network includes more than 30,000 engineers and 600 businesses.

Koninklijke Confederatie der landmeters-experten -

The Royal Confederation of Expert Land Surveyors is a national professional federation which is recognised by the High Council for Self-employment and SMEs and the Ministry of Labour.

Koninklijke federatie van het Belgisch Notariaat -

Since its foundation the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries has launched many initiatives in which the interests of notaries were represented.

Federatie Vrije Beroepen -

The Federation of the Liberal Professions represents the interests of practitioners of any of the liberal professions and works towards their acknowledgement and recognition. It brings 29 representative professional organisations and thousands of individual members together as a single force.

Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry -

The BECI represents thousands of businesses in Brussels, defends their interests and provides a range of business management improvement services.

Unie van Zelfstandige Ondernemers -

UNIZO, or the Union of Independent Contractors, is a contractors' organisation that unites about 85,000 contractors, self-employed workers, SMEs and liberal professionals from every industry across Flanders and Brussels.


Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen -

The Flemish network of enterprises is an employers' organisation. It represents more than 18,000 companies in Flanders and Brussels.

Federation of Enterprises in Belgium -

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium is an overarching organisation that defends the interests of Belgian enterprises, acts as their official mouthpiece and takes action on behalf of entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in all areas of business, especially economic, social, taxation and legal matters.


Reprobel -

Reprobel is the umbrella organisation for the collection and management of royalties in Belgium.

Sofam -

Sofam is the specialist copyright organisation for the visual arts.