The Practice of the Profession of Real Estate Agent

Are you entered to one of the rolls of the Order of Architects? If so, you are entitled to practise the profession of real estate agent without registering with the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents (BIV). In other words, you can act as an estate management agent, an estate brokerage agent or an estate letting agent on the grounds of your registration with the Order of Architects.

Exemption from compulsory BIV registration is conferred on a series of liberal professions, including architects, by the RD of 30 August 2013, pursuant to the Act of 11 February 2013 concerning the organisation of the profession of real estate agent.

Are you planning to practise as a real estate agent? Be sure to notify your Council of the Order about these plans. The profession of real estate agent is regulated. For example, you will be required to take out additional professional indemnity insurance cover and follow permanent professional training. On this subject be sure to consult the recommendation of the National Council of the Order of Architects of 26 June 2020. In due course the provisions of this recommendation will be added to the Code of Professional Conduct of 16 December 1983.

The recommendation of 26 June 2020 concerning the practice of the profession of real estate manager by architects.