Recommendation of 25 September 1987 for Architects who Accept an Appointment from a Promoter

Approved by the National Council in session on 25 September 1987.

This is a “recommendation” as referred to at the conclusion of Article 3, paragraph 2 of the Code of Professional Conduct and Practice, approved by the RD of 18 April 1985 (BOJ of 8 May 1985).

1. Scope

This recommendation is for any architect who accepts an appointment from a promoter.

2. Terminology

For the purposes of this recommendation the term promoter means: anyone that builds or causes to be built a building with the intention of selling it or assigning the rights for a period in excess of at least nine years.

3. Rule

The architect who accepts an appointment from a promoter must always immediately notify the Council of the Order with which he is registered that he has accepted an appointment from a promoter. This notification is made simultaneously and in conjunction with any request for the Order's stamp of approval. If the stamp of the Order does not apply, notification must be given by the time of the planning application at the latest.

4. Form

The notice referred to in point 3 is given by sending or handing in an appropriately completed and signed type document, the model for which is established by the National Council. This Recommendation comes into force on 1 March 1988.