About the Order of Architects

Any person who wishes to practise as an architect in Belgium must first register with the Order of Architects.

The Order of Architects was established by an act of parliament in 1963 and has a current membership of more than 15,000 architects (natural persons).

Its main task is to establish rules of professional conduct for architects (often rules of ethics) and to make sure that architects observe them. In other words, the Order of Architects assures the quality of architectural practice. It also monitors access to the profession and, more specifically, oversees compulsory practical training.

For more information about compulsory practical training; the rules of professional conduct; membership fees; access to the profession; or complaints about registered architects, please contact one of the Order's provincial Councils.

What does the Order of Architects do?

The Act of 1963 describes the main task of the Order as follows: "The Order of Architects is tasked with establishing and implementing standards of conduct and practice for the architectural profession. It safeguards the honour, discretion and integrity with which the Order's members practise or conduct themselves in the practice of their profession. It reports to the judicial authorities every breach of the laws and regulations set up to protect the title and profession of architect."

The Order is also the moral guardian of its members' high ethical standards and professional qualifications. It ensures that practising architects meet the current standards of professional conduct and practice. Equally, the Order seeks to highlight the importance of society and to garner respect for the independence of the architect.

Constituent Bodies of the Order of Architects

  • National Council (NROA)
  • Flemish Council
  • Ordre des Architectes - French-speaking and German-speaking Council
  • Provincial Councils
  • Appeals Councils

Legal texts on the Order of Architects (Dutch only)