The Councils

The National Council is the sole body with the legal authority to represent the Order. It is headquartered in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In 2005 the National Council was given two distinct language divisions - one Dutch and one French - each vested with the authority to deliberate jointly or alone. In 2006 the Dutch-speaking division was renamed the ‘Flemish Council’. The Flemish Council's counterpart in the Walloon Region is the Conseil francophone et germanophone de l'Ordre des Architectes (Cfg-OA).

The Flemish and French-speaking territories each have five provincial Councils, most of which are seated in their provincial capital. A provincial Council has jurisdiction over members of the Order that maintain their seat of business in the province.

The Flemish Council operates on the basis of collaboration between the five Dutch-speaking provincial Councils of the Order of Architects. The Flemish provincial Councils of the Order of Architects assure the quality of architectural practice in the public interest and do so in a context of continual social change.