National Council

The National Council is the sole body with the legal authority to represent the Order. The National Council comprises twenty members and is made up of representatives from the provincial Councils and Crown-appointed members representing architectural education and the public sector.


It is the duty of the National Council to:

  • Represent the Order
  • Lay down standards of conduct and practice for the profession of architect
  • Lay down practical training regulations
  • Implement rules of ethics and practical training regulations
  • For the public authorities, propose legal or administrative measures specific to the profession and give recommendations on their implementation
  • Lay down rules of procedure for Councils of the Order and their Secretarial Committees
  • Oversee the activities of the Councils of the Order and record their decisions
  • Process administrative requests from (foreign) service providers
  • Take action to fulfil the Order's mission
  • Publish on the website of the Order of Architects a list of the architects and a list of the trainees on any of the Order's rolls, who are current with their subscriptions and entitled to practise the profession of architect

Current members

Members delegated by the Councils of the Orde

Effective members   Substitute members
Philippe MEILLEUR President
Delegate Raad Luik
Patrick Leclercq


Delegate Raad Antwerpen
Peter Van Bragt
Philip ADAM Secretary
Delegate Raad Oost-Vlaanderen
Katrien Depré
Sébastien MOUFFE Vice-secretariry
Delegate Raad Namen
Hélène Lacroix
Francis METZGER Delegate Raad Waals-Brabant en Brussel-Hoofdstad Thierry Mertens
Bram BIJNENS Delegate Raad Limburg Josianne Smeets
Bram BIJNENS Delegate Raad West-Vlaanderen Annelies Vancraeyvelt
Jean-Pierre NAVEZ Delegate Raad Henegouwen

Albane Nys

François BEFFE Delegate Raad Luxemburg Elodie Chantine
Marc HENDRICKX Delegate Raad Vlaams-Brabant en Brussel-Hoofdstad Carine Cappelle

Members appointed by the king

Nederlandstalig officieel gesubsidieerd onderwijs

Franstalig officieel gesubsidieerd onderwijs


Nederlandstalig gesubsidieerd vrij onderwijs Dag BOUTSEN
Franstalig gesubsidieerd vrij onderwijs Marcelle RABINOWICZ
Nederlandstalig officieel universitair onderwijs Jan MOENS
Franstalig officieel universitair onderwijs Nicolas VAN OOST
Nederlandstalige federale ambtenaren Evy VAN BEURDEN
Franstalige federale ambtenaren Nathalie HUYGENS (treasurer)
Nederlandstalige gemeentelijke of provinciale ambtenaren  
Franstalige gemeentelijke of provinciale ambtenaren Sylvie MAZARAKY

Legal attaché

Substitute legal attaché

Johan BOON


Nationale Raad van de Orde van Architecten

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Telefoon : +32-(0)2-627.88.10 – Fax : +32-(0)2-627.88.19

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De Nationale Raad is bereikbaar van maandag tot vrijdag van 9 tot 12.30 u.