Practical Training & Jobs

Are you thinking of offering a job or training placement? Or are you trying to find one? If so, go to Archijobs: the Order of Architects - Flemish Council website.

Find a job or training placement

If you are looking for a job or a training placement, upload your details to ‘New application’. Once approved your application will appear under ‘Jobs sought’ or ‘Training placements sought’.


If you have a job or a training placement to offer, click 'New offering'. Once loaded your vacancy will appear under 'Jobs offered' or 'Training placements offered'.

In the short description say who you are (name, location, availability, number of staff, etc.), what you do (core business, vision) and the profile you are seeking. Give a short summary of the main skills and responsibilities. Say too what makes the placement or your practice so interesting. Please note: there is a limit to the number of characters you can use.

In the long description say more about the job you are offering and give more information about your practice. For best results the following elements should be included: function (duties, main collaborator, etc.), profile (training level, competencies, experience, software and language literacy), offering (non-statutory benefits, training, etc.) and application procedure. Don't forget to list the contact person.

When you have completed and checked the details you can upload your job offer at the bottom of the form. Your job offer will appear on the website once we approve it.

Hoping to engage a creative talent for your practice? Be creative when describing your vacancy. An original, attractive description offers a much greater chance of success. Make sure you give a clear picture of your organisation and the job. Avoid clichés like flexible, communicative or team player – we are all of these already, are we not? – and create a clear layout with subtitles.

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