ACE Publication "20 Architectural Projects Against Climate Change"

Today, the buildings and construction sector accounts for more than 35% of global final energy use and nearly 40% of energy- related CO2 emissions. Due to demographic growth and increasing urbanisation, built surfaces continue to grow at an unprecedented pace. Over the next 40 years, it is estimated that 230 billion square metres will be built, adding the equivalent of the area of Paris to the planet every single week, or the equivalent area of Japan every single year.

The mitigation of buildings-related emissions is only one side of the fight against climate change. The deployment of low-carbon and energy-efficient buildings must be accompanied by innovative strategies aiming to adapt our built environment to the inevitable effects of climate change, some of which are already happening.

In this discussion, Architecture has a lot to offer. Architecture is a powerful source of solutions to challenges posed by climate change, in the medium-term and at low-cost. As demonstrated by the 20 projects featured in this booklet, it is possible to design urban spaces that are capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions, while at the same time adding new qualities to the urban space; and to design low- carbon buildings while increasing occupants’ comfort and well-being.

The architectural approach seeks to take into consideration economic, social, environmental, political and cultural factors relating to the design of low-carbon, energy ef cient, resilient, healthy and inclusive built environments. In doing so, Architecture generates value for people at many levels – social, environmental and  nancial – in every project, large or small.

We hope this publication will inspire decision-makers and stakeholders to commission, design and build low-carbon, energy ef cient, resilient, healthy and inclusive built environments.

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