Working as an architect in Belgium

I want to work as an architect in Belgium. What do I have to do?

Architecture traineeship

Commencing My Training

What does your entry to the list of trainees involve? What fee do I pay annually to the Order of Architects?

During my Trainee Placement

More information on the training forms and periodic reports, training plan, evaluations, changing the training placement, interrupting the training, removal from the list of trainees and personal engagements.

After my Training Placement

Entry to the roll and other options.

Alternatives to the Traditional Training Placement

Placement abroad. Placement outside an architectural firm.

Pay as a trainee architect

What pay would I receive as a trainee architect?

Practice of the profession

Working as a Foreign Architect

(How) can I practise the profession of architect in Belgium as a foreigner?

Entry to the Roll

What is the procedure for entry to the roll as a natural person or legal person? What forms and documents will I need?

Practice as a Natural Person

What ethical rules apply when I practise the profession as a natural person?

Practice in a Firm or by a Legal Person

What legal forms are there? How are they set up?

Relocation and Cessation of Activities

What if I move to another province and intend to carry out most of my professional activities there? What if I want or need to end my activities as an architect?


When an architect takes over a project from another architect.

Order of Architects Fees

What fee do I pay annually to the Order of Architects?


Insurance Obligation

What insurances should I have?

Contract with the Client

Everything you need to know about the compulsory and recommended elements of a contract.

Verification of Construction Partners' Insurance

How can you verify whether the construction partners involved at your construction site are insured?

Pre-contractual Information Disclosure Obligation

What does an architect's pre-contractual information disclosure obligation entail?

Advice and Assistance Obligation

What does an architect's obligation to provide advice and assistance for a client entail?

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